We love what we do!! Serving the best fish and chips this side of the West.  Greeting new customers, and laughing with regulars.  Seeing you believe after your first bite. And we are simply delighted that fish and chip fans love us back! Here are some links to stories and reviews of our World Famous Fish and Chips.


Claire from YVR 

Published travel photographer. Travel expert. Always fixed on the horizon looking for that next best trip. Flight deals, funky hotels and the best local food. Click here to see her write up on Pajo’s Fish&Chips

365 days of dining has a new food blogger!

Ethan Adeland is a freelance food and travel writer and the voice behind FeedingEthan. He shares his honest adventures in the kitchen, behind the camera or iPhone and wherever his travels may take him. He has never turned down an opportunity to Instagram a sunset or his next meal. Check out his write-up on Pajo’s Fish and Chips HERE.


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