It is easier now more than ever to find out if your seafood choices are Ocean Wise. And guess what? Pajo’s is proud to be 100% Oceanwise Certified!


With the Vancouver Aquarium OceanWise program you can search by seafood
type, supplier, or restaurant. At Pajo’s we depend on our seafood sources to be there in the future, so we are committed to taking care of it now!

Locally sourced ingredients

We are proud to offer locally produced ingredients whenever possible at Pajo’s

  • Our Fish: Oceanwise certified Pacific Wild Cod, Pacific Wild Salmon and Pacific Wild
  • Our Fries: Handcut Kennebec potatoes, locally grown in Delta, BC
  • Our Tartar sauce: Fresh made tartar sauce
  • NEW! Siracha Tartar sauce: Fresh made here in house!