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The journey begins

1985 – That was the year that Pajo’s founder Patricia (Pat) Branch decided to ‘Take the Plunge’ to open her first ever restaurant. After much researching, reaching out to various people/organizations/governments, and planning she opened Pajo’s first location in, what was then, the sleepy little town of Steveston complete with processing/canning plants and many gillnetters, trollers and seiners vying for room at the government dock.


At that time in her life, Pat’s husband, Larry (now deceased) was a fisherman, and Pat and her 3 daughters were often found down around the fishing boats during fishing season, either helping to get Larry/Dad ready to go, or else being extremely excited because he had come in from fishing, either with a full boat or because of a huge storm.  Regardless, it was always an exciting time and Pat found herself looking for something more to do in her life (as if she didn’t already have too much to do 😉).

Floating Restaurant

The idea of the floating restaurant was ‘spawned’ when she had been visiting Victoria and had seen Barb’s fish and chips in 1984 (the year that they opened).  After that, it was full steam ahead as she (and then partner Joan, who subsequently left Pajo’s in 1991) started the plan to open in the summer of 1985.  The name Pajo’s originated from the first two letters of their names Pat (Pa) and Joan (Jo), hence Pajo’s.


Pajo’s at the Wharf (Steveston) was the first ‘floating’ establishment  at the Steveston Harbour and has since become a destination spot for locals and travelers alike, aligning with Pajo’s tag line “We’re part of your adventure”.


Since then, the (still) family-owned business ‘famous for fish & chips’ has opened more locations. Pajo’s Rocky Point (Port Moody) became the second location and has, over the years, become a fixture/go to location for fish & chips in the very beautiful park.  Currently, Pajo’s 3rd location to get you “started on your adventure” or to enjoy during your adventure is in the International Food Court at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Pajo at Steveson.jpeg

Pajo’s prides itself in not only serving the highest quality 100% Oceanwise seafood but in the role it sees itself as a contributing member of the communities where they work and live.  From 75+ people it employs in the high season to the many bursaries, charities, and community events it participates in, Pajo’s has always believed in the concept of giving back.


Over the years, someone in the family has always been at the helm (starting with Pat) of Pajo’s Fish & Chips.  Currently, Cindy Plumb (me), Pat’s oldest daughter is officially CEO and President (more informally known as Captain Cindy) and David Hartono – Director of Operations work closely together to nurture and grow the family-owned business and keep the slogan “Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday” moving forward, along with both the family and business values of CHIPS:

Continuous Improvement

Having Fun

Integrity – doing the right thing when no one is looking

People First


It is very important to us all that EVERYONE at Pajo’s feels like they are part of a bigger family and somewhere that they themselves BELONG. Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday!

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