After the long wait, its finally here!

Our new online ordering app and the newly revamped Birthday Meal Program!We are excited to launch our brand-new online ordering app along with the newly revamped Birthday Meal BOGO program (redeemable from the app) starting July 5th, 2021. And as promised, we will also be honouring April birth dates onwards to be eligible to redeem their FREE birthday meals.

How will the new Birthday Meal BOGO work?

  1. Download the “Pajo’s Fish and Chips” app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and sign up within the app to register with your phone number (Don’t forget to include your date of birth)
  2. Instructions on how to claim and redeem your coupon will be sent to your email address on the date of your birthday
  3. To claim and redeem your coupon, arrive at your favourite store’s vicinity and order through the app
  4. Pay within the app and pickup your order from the store’s pickup window

With the new online-ordering features, you will be able to create, pay, and pick up your order without the hassle of waiting in line (The app will let you know when your order is being made and when it is ready to be picked up 😃)

Have questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by emailing and we will be happy to help!