Some questions and answers about Pajo”s Fish and Chips

Who founded PAJO’S RESTAURANTS and when and where did the first restaurant open?

Pajo’s Restaurants was founded by Pat Branch, in 1985. The first restaurant opened in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

How many PAJO’S RESTAURANTS are there?

There are four current locations in the Lower Mainland. Two in Richmond (at the Wharf and Garry Point Park), one in Port Moody and the most recent in Port Coquitlam.

How many people does PAJO’S RESTAURANTS employ?

PAJO’S RESTAURANTS employs over 75 + staff members (full and part time employees).

Is PAJO’S RESTAURANTS a franchise?

No, PAJO’S RESTAURANTS is a family owned company.

Does PAJO’S RESTAURANTS use frozen fries?

No, definitely not. We hand chip our potatoes daily. We also use Kenebec potatoes grown in Delta, BC

What is PAJO’S RESTAURANTS most popular menu item?

The most popular item is the Halibut and Chips.

How do I apply to work at PAJO’S RESTAURANTS?

Bring a resume, cover letter, and references to the specific location you wish to work at or email the above information to