The Pajo’s Story

Our story begins in 1985, where founder Patricia Branch and then business partner Joan Whettlaufer concocted the idea behind Pajos – a stand in Steveston’s Wharf serving the finest fish and chips in the West.

Fast-forward 25 years later, and that little stand now boasts four beautiful locations.  A lot has changed for Pajos, but some things have stayed the same – great customer service, local ingredients, and the tastiest fish and chips this side of the coast.

Our mantra is simple – to serve you fish and chips worth buzzing about!

We want to be famous for fish and chips (it’s our motto after all).  We do so by following a few simple rules:

  • Fresh, local, B.C. ingredients
  • Stellar, just-like-family, customer service
  • A timeless, top-secret fish and chips recipe.  Making both non-believers and enthusiasts swoon!

A picture from the original Pajo’s Steveston location in 1985

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