Sorry folks, we know we told you earlier that we guarantee to open on weekends. But for today ONLY (Saturday 25th, Feb.) , we really can not make it due to Environmental Canada wind warning at all our locations. Yep, the unpredictable weather seems to be on our way.

So all our locations will be closed for one day, and hopefully things get better tomorrow. (Fingers crossed!)

If you have a fish and chips craving today, save it for tomorrow. Who knows, a bright sunny windless day might be around the corner. 

We’ll keep you in the loop and let you know what’s happening around our hood, alright?

For now, you can check out our photo gallery to bring you some drools to start off with.

And don’t forget, this weekend is the last week for our Pajo’s crave contest. If you haven’t check it up yet, have a look. Who knows you might win $100 Pajo’s Gift Certificate too!

Until next time folks.