Welcome back you all to our updates on what/where/when to do around our four locations for this week. Well, you know as fall is approaching and the rain is coming, most of the events seem to die down as well. But hey, don’t let your heart wander around aimlessly just yet. Let’s have a look below what each of our locations has to offer!

Steveston Village–the Wharf and Garry Point Park 

Although there is not much going on in Steveston Village this week, Steveston is still a go-to place for a walk along the seashore and the sunset view at the beach in Garry Point Park. Or if you are looking for something MORE to do, why don’t you download this “Treading Through Time Self-guided Walking Tour” handout by the Steveston Museum and follow the route in there. It will take you through time and see the remaining of the village past. From the old Post office to the Steveston Hotel and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, you will surely discover more of the village’s story and see how things have changed over the years. What a great idea to see our village isn’t it? Click HERE and learn more. 

Port Moody- Rocky Point Park

If anyone of you is planning on a quality picnic with your group of friends or family, Rocky Point Park will be a perfect spot for you this weekend. You can stroll along the beach, dance with the geese or see the beautiful sun set over Burrard inlet. And maybe get a delish Pajo’s fish and chips meal to tame your hunger down too! Wonder where it is? Click here to see more.

 Port Coquitlam–Gates Park

If you are looking for some quiet and quality time to spend with your favorite baseball bat or tennis racquet, come to Gates Park this weekend with your friends and family and enjoy the rest of the day together. If it’s nice out, you will not be disappointed at all!

Now that you have a better idea on how to plan a perfect weekend get-away. Just wait till Friday is over and you’ll have time to join these cool things! Oh and don’t forget to give us a shout at our locations so we can fill you up with our Fish and Chips for the rest of the day.